What’s the Safest Cookware?

As we know that there are many kinds of cookware that we can find. That cookware is made from varied materials like stainless steel, glass, ceramic, woods and many more. However, which one is the best? This is an interesting question that needs to be answered. Below we will answer this question with some explanation that we collected from many trusted sources.

  1. Stainless Steel

Many people agreed that stainless steel is a must have appliance on your kitchen if you wanted to do some things such as sautéing, baking and also boiling. This is a non toxic metal that can retain heat smaller so that it will help you to cook evenly. Besides that, stainless is really easy to clean. The good news is that at the present time there are many companies that make the solid stainless steel cooking products without any PFC’s. We can find many kitchen utensils that are made from stainless steel such as the griddles, lasagna pan, pans, high quality stainless steel pots and many more.

  1. Glass

The second material of cookware that is claimed really safe to use is glass. This material is fully eco friendly, durable and also non toxic. It means that this material can give you a chemical free cookware. However, this material is not proper for doing some cooking activities such as making pies. Usually, the glass pans will be perfect for savory dishes such as baked pasta, quick breads and pot pies. Some pretty crafted products are usually made by Emile Henry and more affordable prices products are made by Pyrex.

  1. Ceramic

Ceramic is the third cookware that is safer to use. This is an organic material that is already used for baking since the ancient cultures. Nowadays, we can find many beautiful ceramic cookwares with varied colors, brands, shapes and sizes. So that you can choose one that suits you the most based on your budgets and of course your needs.

  1. Green Non Stick Cookware

This is actually a new and developed technology that is made for giving more convenience and safety aspect. This material is totally PFC’s free and free from the other kinds of toxic coating. There is a patented technology that is used by Green Non Stick Cookware that is called Thermolon. This technology can make a pan is non stick and resistant up to high temperatures heat. Usually, this cookware is made from several materials’ combination such as aluminum base, ceramic and the new developed non stick materials that are eco friendly. Maybe it will become the best cookware that we can use in the future.

Those are some kinds of cookware that are made from safe materials. Based on the explanation above, stainless steel is seemingly the safest cookware that we can find nowadays. However, it will not close any possibilities that there will be many other new and developed technologies that can be the safest cookware like the green non stick cookware.

What is a Pressure Cooker and how does it Work?

Maybe some of us are already heard about pressure cooker as one of the modern kitchen appliances. Actually, what is a pressure cooker? Pressure cooker is actually a pot that has semi sealed lockable lid. There is also valve that can control the pressure inside this appliance. This tool works by capturing the steam that is build up and then increases the amount of pressure in the vessel. For making us easier to understand the method, we will make an example. Commonly the limit cooking temperature of wet food is normally 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit, but the pressure cooker can increase this temperature becomes 120 degrees Celsius or for about 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  That is why; this tool can drop the cooking time substantially and it means you have more time to do the other things.

The detail works of a pressure cooker are as follows.

  • The high pressure steam that is created will rapidly transfer heat to the any foods’ surfaces. After that, the spring loaded valve will be opened so the air can escape from that place.
  • When the heating process begins, expanding vapor will push the valves up and close of the vent.
  • The valve will regulate the pressure inside this pressure cooker with certain level that is already pre-set before. This thing so called the gauge pressure. At this pressure, water will be boiled with the temperature of 114 degrees Celsius or 121 degrees Celsius.
  • Soon, the pressure cooker will find the proper cooking pressure for avoiding the over pressurizing level.
  • The sealing ring that is usually made from rubber gasket will prevent the steam and air to escape. It will build the pressure at the vessel and the temperature will rise.

Those are the detail works of a pressure cooker. However, you have to pay attention that sometimes any food particles are stuck in the seal. It can cause the pressure cooker is leaked of steam. That is why; you need to clean it regularly. The handle of this pressure cooker appliance is designed really well. It can lock perfectly for preventing the lid from opening when the ingredients or foods are under pressured.

There is also one other thing that you need to remember in using a pressure cooker. This is an essential thing but many people forget it. Usually, there will be too many liquids in a pressure cooker. That is why; it is better for you to fill the pot not more than 2/3 full. It will make all the process by using a pressure cooker is running really well.

Those are some explanations about the definition of pressure cooker and how it works. You can purchase this appliance at any kitchen appliances stores near you or even you can buy it via online shop. Choose the pressure cooker that suits with your needs and budgets. After that, you are ready to cook and making many delicious food with this pressure cooker.

Vacuum Sealing for Long Term Food Storage

Many people and housewives are dealing with the remaining foods maybe almost every day. Sometimes it is really confusing about how to keep this remaining food is. If you were one of those people, maybe purchasing a vacuum sealing is a good idea. There are many people who agree with this and they say that vacuum sealing a great method. What is a vacuum sealing actually? Why this tool is important for us? Below we will try to describe the vacuum sealing for long term food storage.

Vacuum sealing is a great innovation for creating a food pantry. In the other words we can say that this way can prolong the remaining food or the other foods. Commonly, there are two kinds of vacuum sealers that we can find at the market at the present time; they are the handheld and countertop one. The countertop model is more expensive, but actually it is more durable and stronger than the handheld vacuum sealer.

The packaging method of vacuum sealing is also called the ROP or Reduced Oxygen Packaging. This packaging method will slow down the food sources’ deterioration by reducing the oxygen atmosphere. Then it will make the anaerobic environment that will limit the growth of fungi or aerobic bacteria. Besides that, this method is also can prevent the volatile components’ evaporation. For using a vacuum sealer, you just need to package or inserting the ingredients or food into a plastic. Then you can attach the open side of the plastic on a vacuum sealer and seal it. After that, you can keep this food on a refrigerator or freezer.

Some other reasons why vacuum sealing is a great and effective form of storage are as follows. First, the most foods will not be dried out. Why it can be happened? It is because the vacuum sealing process makes no air that can absorb the moisture of a meal or food. For dry and solid foods, they won’t become hard because there is no any air that can make them hard. In the other words we can say that there is no contact at all with the air. For food which high in fats and oils will not get rancid? It is because there will be not any oxygen that makes any contacts with the food. As we know that the contact between fat and oils with oxygen can create a rancid taste and smell.

For meat and fish, they will marinade in only minutes. It is because the air had already removed from the canister. Pores of the fish or meat will be opened and it will allow the marinade to have penetrated. Vacuum sealing method is also possibly the dehydrated foods and also herbs stay longer. Basically, vacuum sealing method is really beneficial for storage your food pantry. It can make them staying last longer. It means that you can save more of your money effectively.

Must Have Appliances in a Modern Kitchen

For most of use, especially most women, kitchen is a sacred room in a house. This is a place where we always make some meals and drinks. On this modern era, we can easily see a lot of practical kitchen utensils that are easier to use. As an example, nowadays there are a lot of kitchen utensils that will allow you to use a smaller tool to make one or more foods. That is why; these kinds are some appliances that must be had in a modern kitchen. What are the examples of those kitchen appliances?

  1. Multi Function Electric Kitchen Utensils

Usually, we have to do a lot of preparations before we can start to cook. As the examples, we have to prepare the pan to fry something and many more. This thing will be harder with many oils that splash everywhere. However, there is a solution for this problem. Nowadays, we can use the multi function electric kitchen utensils that will make us easier to cook. Furthermore, these appliances will possibly use for frying without using any oil. Besides that, these appliances can also be used for grilling and steaming some foods. This tool is really practical and neat. Some electric kitchen utensils that we can find are like the electric microwave, oven, electric cooker and many more examples.

  1. Vacuum Sealer

Many of us are maybe always deal with the remaining foods. Sometimes it is really hard to keep this food. If you were on this condition, you have to purchase a vacuum sealer for your modern kitchen. This tool is really easy to use. You just need to insert the remaining foods into a plastic. Then, attach the edge of this plastic to a vacuum sealer. This tool is really simple, because you just need some batteries for its energy source. Because this is a small tool, you can bring it at anywhere.

  1. Microwave

Microwave is a simple and practical tool that you have to purchase for your modern kitchen. This utensil can help you to re-warm the foods and also cook some foods. Many people said that microwave is really beneficial, especially in the morning. It is because this tool can help you to cook some simple, delicious and healthy breakfast meal. At the present time, there are even some microwaves or the other electrical appliances that can be connected with smartphone. It will possible you to turn on or turn off the microwave or the other electrical appliances and avoid you to burn some foods.

  1. Blender

Blender is a multifunctional tool that is really important. This tool can do so many things for you such as blending, slicing, and grinding up to pureeing. Blender can save more of your time or in the other words we can say that this tool is effective in time. Nowadays, there are many kinds of blender that you can find, with varied sizes with many different features. You can choose one that will suit with your need.

What is the Best Kind of Kettle for Boiling Tea?

Many people have different experiences about the best kettle for tea. Those experiences can be both, good or even bad. Some bad experiences that someone may ever had about a kettle for tea are like the broken handle, rusting, chipping some paints into the water and some other problems. Then, we will be asking about what is the best kettle that we can use for tea? Below, we will give some advices that maybe beneficial for you.

Electric kettle is maybe one of the most popular kettles that are used by most people for tea. In the other words we can say that more people prefer to choose this kind of kettle than the stovetop kettle. Then why do many people love to use this electric kettle? Actually, there are many advantages that you can get by using electric kettle in your kitchen. Firstly, electric kettle can heat water quickly and even for some high end electric kettle, there is a feature where you can heat water with the specific temperature as you want and need.

Based on some reviews that we could find, there are three main things that a kettle is actually could do for us:

  1. It can control the temperature of water
  2. It can influence the texture of water
  3. It can even change the taste of water

When we talked about which kettle is the best for tea, there are plenty options that you can choose based on the materials that are used in a kettle. The most common one is plastic or stainless. Unfortunately, this is not a good choice because in fact it can change the taste of water and of course it will make an impact on your tea. Usually, the stainless steel kettle has less impact than the plastic one. Besides that, this material is also not hold heat really well.

However, there are still many other fancier options that you can choose. These options are the clay, ceramic, silver and glass. The glass kettle is the most affordable choice between those four options. This glass kettle will not do too much on the water or at least neutral. This kettle is better than the plastic and stainless steel kettle.

The next choices are clay and ceramic kettle. Actually, these kettles will have their own effect on the taste and texture. Besides that, it is also needed more time to heat them up. According to some reviews, these kettles are the best for gongfu tea, a kind of tea from Japan. As we know that tea is something really precious and valuable in Japan. That is why; they always try to use only the best kettle for each kind of tea that they will drink.

Those are some reviews that we can share about the best kettle for tea. Actually, many people prefer to use the electric kettle. However, if you planned to use the stovetop kettle, it is better for choosing a kettle that is not made from plastic or stainless steel.